"The desire to eat them has also disappeared..."


"In addition to the number of sweets & chocolates that I eat being drastically reduced, the desire to eat them has also disappeared. Truly liberating." S.S. Weight

"I now have control..."

"I now have control where before I felt controlled. I make the choices and have a confidence that I have never had before." D.V. Weight

"I had reached a desperate stage in my weight gain..."

"I had reached a desperate stage in my weight gain and needed to change my way of thinking. My sessions made me realise I could control my eating habits, I could say no to food. I have not eaten chocolate for 4 months. I do not want any. It`s weird!" C.T. Weight

"Have lost 10lb already"

"I now consider large portions and sweet things as a treat rather than a "must" and I have lost 10lb already." PO - Weight

"I lost a stone in 6 weeks!"

"I felt as though I could stick with my plan and stay completely focused. I also went to a slimming club but I could think clearly and be disciplined. I lost a stone in 6 weeks!" AB - Weight

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