Therapy Methods

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy is based on the fact that our thoughts create our feelings and often our behaviour. Most of the time we think in a logical, rational manner and our feelings and behaviours are therefore similarly logical and rational. There are, however, times when we have a tendency to think in distorted ways (usually when we are angry, anxious or depressed) and this can have a significantly altered affect on the way we might feel and behave. (There are 15 different recognised types of distorted thinking!)

Cognitive therapy is the means by which we recognise these distorted thought processes and then challenge and re-think them in order to bring about a different outcome.

Stress Management

Most people in our experience confuse stress with pressure. When people say they are under stress they usually mean they are under pressure. Stress is the point you reach when the pressure becomes too much to cope with. We therefore look to determine the causes of the stress and reduce them, whilst at the same time looking at the various methods by which clients can cope better with the inevitable pressures of life.


Some people simply need to talk. This is particularly so with relationships, but emotions often get in the way when couples try to deal with issues and concerns.

Counselling is about listening and enabling the client to express their feelings and emotions in a private, confidential and supportive environment. In this way they are able to explore and understand their problems more fully and therefore resolve or come to terms with them.


Hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation and concentration. It is a state you find yourself in quite naturally. (Have you ever got back from work and found you can’t remember any part of the journey, or been so engrossed in an activity that you don’t notice things happening around you?).

When the brain is in the very relaxed state that hypnosis produces, it is very receptive to changing unwanted "automatic" patterns of subconscious thought by suggestion – even patterns that have been there for a long time.


You will see from the above that it is important to determine the nature of the problem in order to decide on the best course of action – we offer a free initial consultation for this purpose and also to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.



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