"You've changed my life!"

"Just wanted to email to say that I did a 15 minute presentation with a friend in university on Tuesday and it went amazingly well!

I still can't believe I can actually do presentations now and only get as nervous as the other girls.

Thank-you so much again, it feels so amazing! You've changed my life!

Just wanted to share that with you! RL - Public Speaking

"After each session I felt more confident......"

"After each session I felt more confident overall in everyday situations and I was able to test the results very quickly. I presented to my seminar group and, although I was still nervous, once I started presenting I relaxed.Before, I wouldn't have even been able to stand in front of everyone. Stef and Andrea were always very friendly and welcoming, which made my experience really enjoyable. THANK YOU." RL - Public speaking

"I no longer feel nervous..."


"I no longer feel nervous when I have to do them, whether it be with a large or small amount of people. Not only do I not feel nervous, I don't think about it at all because it's no longer an issue." EC - Public speaking

"I presented to 220 people shortly afterwards.."

"I presented to 220 people shortly after my sessions and enjoyed it! It also helped me get my new position. Thank you." L.W. Fear of presentations


"I managed to stand up in front of my group at university and do a 30 minute presentation."

"I managed to stand up in front of my group at university and do a 30 minute presentation. Before my hypnosis I would not have been able to do this."


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